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At Ken Goldman Law, we take on cases involving the violations of workplace rights for individuals working in businesses of all types, sizes, and industries. Our mission is to protect your rights against unethical and illegal treatment by your employer, whether that involves some type of discrimination, sexual harassment, wage theft, or other infringement against state or federal labor laws. Our firm brings a wealth of experience and proven results to all civil cases; Attorney Ken Goldman has been listed as a Super Lawyer Rising Star based on his successful practice as a trial lawyer who has achieved millions in settlements for his clients. 

Request a consultation with Ken about what you have experienced in the workplace by contacting Ken Goldman Law online or at (855) 935-3983.  


Practice Areas

Our firm handles all types of cases involving violations of employment laws and other civil statutes in California. 

These can include but are not limited to: 

  • Wage theft. This occurs when employers fail to pay you what you are owed according to law. Wage theft is a crime in California.
  • Discrimination. This can be based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, sexual preference, age, ethnicity, disability, marital status, pregnancy, military service, immigration status, and union status/activities. Discrimination is illegal in all aspects of employment, from hiring to promotions, job assignment, and more.
  • Wrongful termination. It is illegal to fire an employee based on an unlawful reason, such as due to age, pregnancy, or some other form of discrimination or because an employee exercised his or her legal rights.
  • Meal and rest break violations. Workers have specific meal and rest break rights while on the job.
  • Wage and hour violations. Minimum wages are mandated by law. Unpaid overtime wages can also be a violation of workplace rights.
  • Workplace retaliation. This occurs when an employer retaliates against a worker who has exercised his or her legal rights in the workplace.
  • Sexual harassment. This involves unwanted sexual advances or other activity in the workplace that is offensive, intimidating, or discriminatory.
  • Harassment. This can be based on racial, national origin, or other protected characteristics, such as gender, sexual orientation, age, or disability.
  • Family and Medical Leave Act violations. This Act provides you with the right to take unpaid medical leave in certain circumstances without the threat of losing your job.
  • Whistleblower rights. You have the right to disclose unethical or illegal activity on the part of your employer or coworkers without being subject to retaliatory measures.
  • Class actions. Where an employer has violated the rights of many workers as a matter of workplace policy or where a business has violated the rights of many consumers, a class action lawsuit may be filed on behalf of those who share these violations in common.
  • Consumer claims and protections. 
  • Personal Injury.
  • Privacy law.

In any claim you bring against the wrongdoing of an employer, you may be entitled to monetary compensation for damages. These can include compensation for out-of-pocket expenses associated with the employment law violation, loss of pay, and for any emotional harm connected with the violation. Punitive damages may be awarded by the courts in cases where the employer acted in a particularly willful or egregious manner. 

If you have been subjected to any type of wrongdoing in the workplace, we recommend that you turn to our workplace rights attorney in California for a consultation to discuss the situation, your options, and how best to move forward. 

Reach out to us online or by calling (855) 935-3983 to schedule your consultation with Ken today. 


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